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Zig For Business

Welcome to the business side of Zig! Are you looking for a convenient way to book buses for company retreats, events and more?

Well, you've come to the right place. Explore our various services available for you and your organisation today.


Private Bus Chartering

Private Bus Chartering is an application that allows your company to manage its transport needs anytime, anywhere. Also used by ComfortConnect users, you can simply book a bus for your corporate events by sharing with us your requirements and receive quotations instantly.

Find out more about the Private Bus Chartering application here.



Cabcharge is a unique cashless payment solution for corporates. It provides easy access to track taxi expenses online and download softcopy invoices and trip reports, hence eliminating the need to process petty cash claims.

Keen to find out how Cabcharge can benefit your business operations? Click here to enquire more.


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